lundi 8 mai 2017

Test Prep in Public Schools

We follow the school calendar and curricula from our local district. I was surprised to find they had two whole weeks blocked out for testing at the end of this semester, and then the rest of the school year on half-days and what-not, kind of coasting into summer break.

If I understand correctly after inquiring, in our case the test would only be 50 minutes. So it's almost two full weeks of prep for one test. Turns out this is pretty common:

There's a survey in that article where 1% of teachers think not enough time is spent on mandated standardized test prep. They probably rounded up to that 1%, lol. So I wasn't out of line with my first impression this is way too much time.

The fact it's the last "event" of the year in this district and that the schedule is pretty lazy for the remainder means it really crowded out a lot more than two weeks.

I suppose it is just one more reason why, in Kindergarten, after a whole year of full days the math standard is the ability to count to 20. That's more than five days on each number, so those kids must know each number like the back of their hand.

Since we teach privately and can't even get ahold of these tests it is a mystery what is going on for two whole weeks preparing for them. Or why preparing for these tests is so different from what you do normally in school.

Logically, if the tests are measuring what you are supposed to be learning in school then why is it blocked out separately, something fundamentally different from the curricula? For so long?

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