mercredi 24 mai 2017

Make America Great Again

I somehow previously posted this in Conspiracies. I think it properly belongs here.

Trump's slogan during the campaign was Make America Great Again. I am curious about how this is coming along. Any signs of renewed greatness yet? I would not expect it to happen quickly but something must certainly be showing signs of progress by now. I am not sure how this greatness should be evaluated but here are some ideas:

- Are many more people employed?
- Are crime rates dropping?
- Is the economy noticeably improved? People with more $ to spend?
- How about relationships with other countries? Are they more friendly and/or cooperative? Trade agreements being honored? Settled your differences with Russia? North Korea? Mexico? Canada?
- Is the federal government more efficient? Are your various levels of government acting more for their constituents and less for their own interests? Good strong federal cabinet working to improve the lives of all citizens?
- Are Americans enjoying the benefits of more accessible and efficient health care?
- Any progress in resolving your immigration issues?
- Any new wars started, or old wars successfully concluded?
- Do you all love your president? Has he vowed to stop grabbing pussies? Do women feel comfortable being alone with him?
- Are the people generally feeling good about their lives?
- Is "racial" equality more prevalent and evident?
- Are LGBTQ persons more (or less) welcome? Experiencing less (or more) discrimination?
- Are crimes involving guns and other violence reduced?
- Military managing to increase and upgrade their arsenal to keep up with the rest of the world? No longer fearing the might of other countries? Navy managing to keep track of the sailing direction of their armadas?

Any other signs that you are becoming great again? Surely there must be some evidence by now. Or is it just too soon to tell?

I guess that Americans have managed to survive 8 years of having a black guy as president, and were able to avoid being led by a woman. Maybe being led by a gang of old conservative white guys again is one small positive step in the direction of your former greatness.

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