mardi 30 mai 2017

Why Can't We Drain the Swamp?

Trigger Warning

This is a non-partisan piece. If you're here for the name calling, off with you. First person who says, "Because Libruls" or "Because Conservatives" or replaces party names with individual names will get a figurative custard pie in the face.

Why can't we? Because the RNC and DNC are the effective madames of a house of ill repute called the US Congress.

Wanna chair a major committee? Work the phone bank (on the public's dime while you're supposed to be attending to the business of Congress) and raise more than a million dollars for the party, and you get your committee. Won't or can't do it? Forget about Ways and Means... you're going to be on the Committee for Beautification of Interstate Highway Toll Plazas.

The below should be mandatory reading, not just for the many foreign onlookers who find the US system to be train-wreck fascinating, but to Americans, too. We're woefully ignorant of our own machinations.

You might want to secure eyeglasses or any dangling earrings before reading. You may find yourself shaking your head so much that you lose them. :rolleyes:

via International Skeptics Forum

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