samedi 20 mai 2017

Do DNA tests measure ethnic purity?

I noticed that a poster claimed ethnic purity as a 23+me DNA test showed he was 100% 'northwest European'. Others claimed he photoshopped the results and in any case the commercial DNA tests were not reliable as to ethnicity.

I did notice that a UK Forensic centre was requesting DNA samples from three main ethnic groups: European, Asian and African, so it would appear that ethnicity is a self-description, as the forensic police needed a database of those ethnicities before they can say they are looking for suspects of any particular group, with confidence.

Also, it seems to me that the more 'alpha' successful homo sapiens are more likely to travel or migrate and thus the idea that having 'just one ethnicity' in a DNA profile is not necessarily 'superior'.

What do people think?

via International Skeptics Forum

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