dimanche 21 mai 2017

Fox News openly peddling baseless conspiracy theories about murdered DNC staffer


Former House speaker Newt Gingrich, a stalwart supporter of President Trump, used a Sunday-morning appearance on “Fox and Friends” to spread the conspiracy theory that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was killed last year to cover up the true story of how WikiLeaks obtained tens of thousands of hacked Democratic Party emails.

“We have this very strange story now of this young man who worked for the Democratic National Committee, who apparently was assassinated at 4 in the morning, having given WikiLeaks something like 53,000 emails and 17,000 attachments,” Gingrich said.

“Nobody’s investigating that, and what does that tell you about what’s going on? Because it turns out, it wasn’t the Russians. It was this young guy who, I suspect, was disgusted by the corruption of the Democratic National Committee. He’s been killed, and apparently nothing serious has been done to investigative his murder. So I’d like to see how [Robert S.] Mueller [III] is going to define what his assignment is.”

Mueller has been appointed as a special counsel to oversee a federal investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and any Russian collusion with Trump’s campaign.

With no pushback from the Fox hosts, Gingrich shared innuendos that got new life last week after Rod Wheeler, an occasional contributor to Fox News whom a conservative donor had paid to probe Rich’s death, told local Fox affiliate WTTG 5 that he had new evidence. On Monday, Wheeler claimed to have sources at either the FBI or the D.C. police department who apparently knew that evidence existed of Rich — who was fatally shot in July — contacting WikiLeaks but that an unnamed person had told investigators to “stand down.”

By Thursday, after follow-up questioning from CNN and NBC News, Wheeler had largely recanted his story, and Rich’s family had rejected Wheeler’s most explosive claim — that Rich’s laptop was in police custody. But Friday, and over the weekend, Fox News host Sean Hannity continued to suggest that Rich was killed in a cover-up.

This is one of the reasons why American politics is so terrible and if not completely irredeemable. The extreme level of stupidity that Fox News and other right-wing propaganda outlets disseminate is one of the major reasons why someone as stupid, flawed and completely unqualified as Trump could win the presidency.

White trash Americans, or "working whites" as they like to call themselves, are dumb yet don't realize how stupid they are. They are suspicious, cynical and jaded yet still swallow the lies and false promises of someone like Trump hook, line and sinker.

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