vendredi 26 mai 2017

What is a True Christian?

From my observations there seems considerable diversity in the definition of Christians.

On the surface one only has to consider the enormous number of different sects I suppose, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are that separate in fundamental belief. At the risk of sounding cynical I think the reason for many offshoots of Christianity is purely for financial gain. Religion is a great money spinner and if you can market a product with your own label, even if identical to others, you may cash in.

I will list what I see as some essential beliefs for True Christians:

- God is the God of Abraham.
- Jesus is the son of God.
- The only way to salvation is via Jesus.
- The Bible is the inspired word of God. (Some may believe some or all is literal truth and some allegorical.)
- God created everything. (The means and time frame may vary.)
- Us humans are the central focus of God's creation and in some way we are made in His image.

Anyone care to add to this or question my list?

What defines a True Christian?

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