mardi 30 mai 2017

Ascendant Germany/France?

With Trump's attacks on Germany and increasing American isolationism under an explicit "American First" doctrine, I've been really wondering if we will see an ascendant Germany (possibly closely allied with France) as a new leader on the world stage.

I don't see them getting into the kind of the military adventurism of the US but I can see them strengthening their economic position and tacking a course separate and independent from the US. This is not to say they don't do it already but with a Trump "America First" agenda they will be driven to act more independently and be much less influenced by US policy.

Henry Kissinger talked a lot about first France (under Louis XIV and Napolean) and then a unified Germany being a world power anchoring continental Europe in his book "World Order". I could see a potential future with more diverse power brokers in the US, China and Continental Europe acting more independent of each other if the US continues the "America First" path.

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