lundi 22 mai 2017

Corbyn - "Don't mention The Troubles..."

BBC News: General election 2017 - Corbyn pressed over IRA comments

"Jeremy Corbyn has refused to single out the IRA for condemnation when pressed over his past campaigning activities.

The Labour leader said "all bombing is wrong", as he was repeatedly asked to condemn the IRA alone for its role in the Troubles.

He said he had worked hard to help secure peace in Northern Ireland.

But Democratic Unionist Party leader Arlene Foster launched an attack on the Labour leader, saying he was "beyond the political pale"."

Clealry Corbyn has 99 problems at this moment in time, but I'm not sure this is one of them. The Good Friday Agreement was over 16 years ago, and since then there has been relative peace. I though we were supposed to be moving on, not using the past as a stick to beat any particualr individual?

And why ask him, "to condemn the IRA alone..." What about Loyalist paramilitaries, or members of the security services who colluded with them? Or other Republican paramilitary groups, for that matter?

It's also a bit rich getting a statement of condemnation (of Corbyn) from a DUP politician, given that party's opposition to the GFA. Well, duh...

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