lundi 8 mai 2017

Macron's IT seems to have outsmarted leakers

There's not much about this in mainstream media yet, so I post one of the few English articles I found on that. There are warnings not to disseminate the leaked data (which came out midnight in the night from Friday to Saturday, just as the French news blackout regarding the election came into effect) in mainstream media. It appears that a lot of it is fake, pushed intentionally by Macron's IT team, and trying to sort out the data would not work out in a timely manner to affect anything.

Daily Beast

[quote]“You can flood these [phishing] addresses with multiple passwords and log-ins, true ones, false ones, so the people behind them use up a lot of time trying to figure them out,” Mounir Mahjoubi, the head of Macron’s digital team, told The Daily Beast for its earlier article on this subject.[/url]

Kudos to this guy. :thumbsup::cool:

via International Skeptics Forum

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