dimanche 21 mai 2017

Where is the rage at Trump's Saudi overture?

Obama was savaged whenever he made overtures to the Saudis. I recall in particular the vicious attacks that came out when Obama "bowed" to the Saudi King. Trump himself was perhaps among the most vehement in this regard when he was running for office. But now what do we see? Trump in exactly the same situation. As well as arranging the purchase of huge quantities of arms by the Saudis (a large part of which will provide big profits to one of Trump's political supporters). At least Roger Stone is not a hypocrite, although he is (IMO) a crazy piece of slime:


I await to hear similar outrage by the many others who attacked Obama it the past, including those on this Forum. Or, perhaps more amusingly, the usual rightwing "explanations" of why Trump's actions are really different from those of Obama- if one just waves one's hands enough... So far I gather that the difference is how far down they bowed. Good try guys- very convincing!

Oh- and lest we forget- the Saudi's are associated with advancing many the most conservative, anti-Western views of Islam in the world. And 15 of the 19 hijackers involved in 9-11 were Saudi citizens. I fully recognize and approve of the need to cooperate with the Saudi's and work together when we can- but they are far from unalloyed, close friends.

Don't get me wrong- I see what Obama and Trump did was to recognize the reality of politics and of foreign policy. However, agree or not, the same criteria should be applied by their critics equally to both Presidents. I'm glad that Trump was actually able to pretend to be rational during his visit with the Saudi's- I hope that his handlers can continue to balance his medication correctly.

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