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Civil War Battlefield 'Limb Pit' Reveals Work Of Combat Surgeons

Civil War Battlefield 'Limb Pit' Reveals Work Of Combat Surgeons


Scientists have uncovered a pit of human bones at a Civil War battlefield in Virginia. The remains are the amputated limbs of wounded Union soldiers.

It's the first "limb pit" from a Civil War battlefield to be excavated, and experts say it opens a new window on what is often overlooked in Civil War history: the aftermath of battle, the agony of survivors and the trials of early combat surgeons.

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[Continuation] Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale... Pt 2


Originally Posted by Emily's Cat (Post 12331305)
We're setting a precedent that a very, very, very small number of mental health practitioners can claim that a politician has a mental disorder, without having followed the appropriate procedures to form a diagnosis... and can use that as a means to remove that politician from office.

In what possible universe does some people saying he has a personality disorder result in him actually being removed from office? That would be like suggesting that if I say he stole my wallet he's going to be dragged away and thrown in jail.

The most it could possibly be, the most drastic and consequential result, is that if all the right people found it plausible they could force him to undergo a direct evaluation and then maybe, possibly, use the result of that as part of the evidence needed to lawfully remove him from office. But that's a pretty extreme case and frankly isn't going to happen.

So no, I'm not at all worried about that.

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GE kicked off the DJIA

The last of the original DJIA members, General Electric, is being booted off for poor performance.

Apparently, GE has been booted before, but that was back in the very early 20th century. Coming back seems unlikely this time around.

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“Brain Balance”

We’ve been getting pretty heavy advertising locally for this Brain Balance treatment regimen, which is alleged to cure or treat a variety of childhood mental problems including ADHD and even autism.
The ads have generally been in the form of testimonials from parents who go on about how their kid was “unmanageable” prior to treatment and is now a happy, studious child.

Little or nothing about what form the actual treatment was. Sounded pretty suspect to me...

NPR’s All Things Considered did an article on the outfit yesterday:

The scientific underpinnings for the techniques used, including the diagnostic techniques, are very suspect. The article mentions that one study touted by the outfit was actually authored by the guy in charge.

There are testimonials from apparently-satisfied parents. The price is steep, as much as 10,000 dollars a month, and this is not covered by any insurance.

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University draws fires for using "Nazi" quote

BBC News: University includes Nazi quote in email to students

"A university has apologised for emailing students a quote by a notorious Nazi general in what was meant to be a motivational message.

The email quoted Erwin Rommel's saying: "One cannot permit unique opportunities to slip by for the sake of trifles."

The University of Exeter said the quote, used by a member of staff in its career advice service, was "randomly" generated from a website."

Obviously the facts that Rommel was never a member of the Nazi party, and that he was forced by actual Nazis to commit suicide after being implicate in the July Plot to assassinate Hitler is probably a bit too nuanced for the reporter....

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Originally Posted by The Big Dog (Post 12332481)
It isn't just about McCabe [...]

We don't know that. We don't know what role the grand jury has played in this. All we know is that one has been involved in some way at some point.


[...]and because the doj IG just testified about it yesterday....
But we already knew McCabe had been referred to prosecutors, and this doesn't seem to add any information to that as far as I can tell. What in this story is actually new information?

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Optus is accused of racism over its 'Ethnic Dads' comedy segment that mocked European


Optus' shabby World Cup coverage has again come under fire, with viewers slamming a comedy segment as racist.

Comedy group Sooshi Mango joined host Mel McLaughlin and former Australian football star Mark Schwarzer during their coverage of the tournament.

Playing their roles as 'Ethnic Dads', the group's appearance was criticised by viewers who said it was 'nearly as bad as their attempt at broadcasting the World Cup' and 'as funny as a prostate exam'.

Posted as I find this interesting given that it is allegedly impossible to be racist against 'white people'.

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