dimanche 28 mai 2017

The Living God

Brothers, sisters, children and human beings

We have a nice introduction in “A God of Love”. So it seems fit now to go into what materialized. Not from those with other agendas but from those that were interested. There is a Living God. I am that too. Nobody can say I am not alive and I am not here. You want to see a living God . . .well take a look at me. That is just what a God of Love does. He take those that want too out of their human existence and place them into His existence because His existence is obviously a higher one. He is a higher species with a better quality of Life.
And the way He does it is by Love. There is only one way that is true Love . . . by guiding your very own children to find your very own grown-up life. A child has everything of the parents already inside of him and is growing up to be exactly the same as the parent. But a child needs to be a child first. The parents need to guide the child in his abilities to find the grown-up life. No species can live the life of that particular species without having been small first and having parents to guide him into their live.
So the True God who created the whole of earthly life for us to understand what it is about... is saying . . .I am a Father. And obviously by saying it, it cannot be anything else that He has created and what the creation know about the concept of “Father”. But strangely enough; even those that read His letter to us struggle to understand this. That is for one obvious reason. Up to now there was a lack. There was the lack of mothers. Because God is one there is none. You can only become a mother through the growing process. Obviously a grown-up is not a child anymore and ready to be a companion. In this instance a companion for God. It has to be the wife of God because that is what love is about. And it has to be the wife of God as He is still the head in that situation of marriage. And now family life can exist by which children will mature much faster. So we will see an increase in grown-up children of God in the future. That is an increase in gods. That will bring about a whole change to earthly existence. This is something to look forward too as present earthly existence is not of great excellence. Human life is on the verge of distinction and this is by their doing. They tried to be gods in themselves. They were never born in that capacity and also they were never “guided” into it by Love. They missed the one great factor: family life - which is a life of Love. Without this there is no room for a well developed existence. This is what the world has witnessed up to now: God’s children struggling to be gods. They had a huge disadvantage. This will soon be corrected.
Love Johan

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