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JFK Conspiracy Theories V: Five for Fighting

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Originally Posted by OKBob (Post 11856366)
Maybe it becomes as tedious for the CTs to be here as it sometimes is for skeptics to read their endless fringe resets and Gish gallops. And I can't say that I ever saw a JFK CT on any of the JREF/ISF threads really absorb and grow from any of the criticisms that are lavished here. As I write this, Robert Harris, an alumnus of ISF, is on the alt.assassination forum challenging discussants to offer evidence that his theory (yes, the Z285 shot) is false. How many lectures did he receive on this forum about not demanding that his opponent prove a negative?

I watched the video he present on the education forum, probably the same as here, and I can see no reaction at Z285 that would indicate a shot. Another claim with merit, all in the eye of a CT.

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