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Is The Earth Spinning or Stationary?

Is The Earth Spinning or Stationary?

There are only two legs to the heliocentric globe theory, namely the spin and it's shape. I would like to focus on the first. We can display all evidence/arguments for spin and all evidence/arguments for a stationary Earth and see where the chips fall.

I used to believe the Earth was a spinning globe. I still like to consider myself a rational person who is persuaded by facts and logic over opinion and sentiment. I am not a flat earther, I am not completely convinced yet that it's true however I will make arguments in its defense. To begin...

As a result of the planets axial rotation, Earth's atmosphere is also said to be in constant motion and it has been calculated to be moving at 1000mph at the equator in an eastwardly direction.

According to NASA in a document entitled "Rotational Motion and Rocket Launches", they say (on page no. 3)

"In order to launch a rocket you have to get it going pretty fast. Rocket fuel is expensive. Therefore rockets always launch towards the East. Why?

Answer: So that the rocket can get a speed boost from the earths rotation"

According to QUORA the speed boost is quantified

"The best place to launch a rocket to orbit is anywhere on the equator. That's because if you're on the equator and you're launching the rocket eastwards, Earth's rotation will give you about 400m/s of speed in advance"

The atmosphere is made of air, air is matter and matter in motion produces a force. It makes sense that NASA would exploit this rotational force to achieve escape velocity, this is evidence that this rotational force actually exists in physical reality.

Yet, despite this fact, we do not feel this atmospheric motion with our senses evolved to detect air movement. Neither can
can we detect this atmospheric motion with our instruments designed to detect air movement. Indeed, if the atmosphere of Earth was in fact stationary how else could we prove that if not by our inability to sense any motion or measure any movement?

There also appears to be a contradiction. How come we don't feel or measure any rotational force but NASA's rockets do?

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