samedi 20 mai 2017

Department of Justice Goes After Lawyers That Fought Travel Ban

The Department of Justice is using a law meant for ambulance chasers to crack down on the airport lawyers who fought the Muslim ban.


Now, those lawyers who fought to protect travelers from detention and deportation are under fire. Baron's organization, the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP), is now embroiled in a battle of its own. The Department of Justice shut down many of their services for four weeks on a surprise technicality, preventing hundreds of immigrants from getting access to lawful representation.*

The lawyers at the NWIRP have been working in the Seattle community for over three*decades, serving 10,000 immigrants a year. Because it's tough for a nonprofit to promise full service, years-long support up front to the dozens of immigrants they serve each week, a lot of*NWIRP's services are in assisting "pro se" applicants — temporary work, often for free, that simply helps immigrants deal with emergencies and the myriad complexities of immigration court.

It's that pro se work that the DOJ is using to shut down services for hundreds of immigrants.

The legislation the DOJ is using to crack down on the NWIRP was initially designed to curb abuses by the ambulance chasers of the immigration world, the so-called "notarios" who find immigration cases, gently imply they're lawyers and then make off with the money. The lawyers providing pro se work with NWIRP are clearly not notarios, and have been working with the local courts to be transparent about their work.
Appointing Jeff Sessions Attorney General continues to be the most damaging thing Trump has done so far.

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