mardi 30 mai 2017

Logitech Webcam / Quicktime Player incompatibility

I'm trying to record directly into the computer using two Logitech cameras I have. The problem is that for some reason, Quicktime is not recognizing the video from the camera. Only the audio. So that when I open Quicktime, and click on New Movie Recording, and then select the source, it doesn't display the webcam on the Camera section, but it does display the webcam on the Microphone section.

What's more ********** up is that on one of the many attempts I did, it finally did display the webcams on the Camera Section of the Quicktime display and I even managed to record a couple tests. But then later, I opened Quicktime again and now once again, it won't let me select the Webcam from the Camera section.

I have exhausted all the different combinations of connections. The first time I finally managed to display the Webcam's Camera was when I also had the Iphone connected to the other USB port. But later when I tried replicating the same connection, it still wouldn't display the Webcam on the Camera, as it did before.

In short, there seems to be no pattern at all, and I'm becoming extremely frustrated.

Has anyone dealt with this before and has any clue as to what may be happening?

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