dimanche 21 mai 2017

The banning of K

After thinking very hard about this issue with the help of my girlfriends and fellow social studies millenial fighters ... the letter "K" has to be banned from society.

Not only is it a major microaggression to minorities that had to suffer under - or are offended by (past or future actions of) the KKK and similar groups,
or solely offended by it's very name - it also helps to reduce the negative impact of the most used English swearword by 25%.

And let's face it: It would render the PKK useless, a term that the majority of our 2 Muslim minority class mates find extremely offensive.

We don't mean to ban the letter "K" completely - it may in some circumstances be used when it's counter-agressive intentions are valid (in social justice protests, for example).
Remember: The letter is basically replaceable with the letter “C”, so the transition will not be much of an issue, unless you're a minority-hating, islamophobic Nazi racist woman hater, of course.

What we need right now is your help and ideas how to implement this politically - by making it a human rights issue that is able to undermine free speech and other national laws.

In the meantime, our class is alerting supportive students, civil-/women-/muslim rights movements and university managements around the country that already fought for, accepted and/or implemented similar social concerns.

Keep in mind: We need a critical mass so people will be intimidated not to speak up against us. And those who do will be met By Any Means Necessary.

And make your voice clear to the opposition: We will know their IP's. We will learn where they work. We will find out where they study. We will turn their interests and preferences against them. We will know who their Friends and Families of their social networks are.


Assuming that you understand the serious aspect of the issue above, what are your thoughts to those questions:
  • Some scenario like that will not happen? What makes you think that?
  • What makes you think that similar issues are not happening already?
  • How to stop similar demands - apart from voting for Clowns?

Admins: The intentionally humorous introduction to the serious topic aside, I'd like this thread to be discussed by politically interested people, if possible.
General disclaimer: I will not feed the usual trolling efforts

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