dimanche 21 mai 2017

Famous Hunter Crushed by Shot Elephant

South African hunter Theunis Botha crushed to death by elephant after it is fatally shot in Zimbabwe

Most of the comments are about karma, a spiritual belief that your good/bad intent and actions influence your future good/bad fate. I don't believe in karma. I support hunting with regard to sustenance, protection, wildlife population control, and other necessary actions. Big game hunting checks none of those boxes. It's a rich man's macho murder fantasy. The dead man was a major driver in the big game hunting industry in Africa, which excuses its existence by claiming to bring money into the local, impoverished economy, while "controlling" nuisance wildlife that damages crops built on the wildlife's range. The effectiveness of this economic endeavor remains under debate.

He leaves a wife and five kids. This is a tragedy for them.

But I'm also reminded of the old Mary Tyler Moore Show episode in which a TV clown, working a parade dressed as a peanut, is crushed by a wayward elephant. Life is funny, death is funny.

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