jeudi 25 mai 2017

US Intelligence Services Leak Like Crazy

As you may be aware, there has been a terrorist attack in Manchester. You may be less aware of the fact that there is a diplomatic spat developing on the back of it.

There's a routine sharing of information between intelligence services but that the country whose intelligence service gathered the information retains control over how and whether that information is released.

US newspapers, notably the New York Times have had details of the Manchester bombing which were not made available to the UK press and far more importantly, the publishing of which may severely compromise the investigation by the UK police.

The leaks must have come from US intelligence services.

The US ambassador was approached by the Greater Manchester Chief Constable mayor when the first leaks became known and assured the Chief Constable mayor that the leaks would stop. Further revelations in the NYT, including pictures of parts of the device show that the leaks have continued.

Not only does the US President have a cavalier approach to managing intelligence provided by allies, it seems that the US intelligence services also cannot be trusted with allies' intelligence.

If this kind of thing continues, allies will become increasingly unwilling to share intelligence with the US because it might fall into the hands of the press or an unfriendly power.

The Greater Manchester Police have reportedly already stopped :mad:

Get your act together USA !

via International Skeptics Forum

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