vendredi 19 mai 2017

Legendary Comedy Duo: Harris and Murray

Harris is a guy that I find incredibly disappointing. I really liked some of the points he made in debates around the peak of the 4 Horsemen Era, but egad, he has disgraced himself since.

This seems to be the bottom, giving a fawning interview to Charles Murray. Here is a great article breaking down the malicious, vapid, unscientific nonsense Murray spews, and adds a little criticism of Harris for just gobbling it up (Link to the interview is in the article):


Asserting that the relatively poorer intellectual performance of racial groups is based on their genes is mistaken theoretically and unfounded empirically; and given the consequences of promulgating the policies that follow from such assertions, it is egregiously wrong morally.

Finally, let us consider Sam Harris and his willingness to endorse Murray’s claims — his decision to suspend the skepticism and tough-mindedness we have come to expect from him. There is a fairly widespread intellectual movement among center-right social theorists and pundits to argue that strong adherence to the scientific method commits us to following human science wherever it goes — and they mean something very specific in this context. They say we must move from hard-nosed science of intelligence and genetics all the way — only if that’s the direction data and logical, unbiased interpretation lead, naturally — to genetically based differences in behavior among races.

I get that people can disagree, but Murray's nonsense is to phrenology as Intelligent Design is to creationism: same old ******** dressed up in science-y terminology.

via International Skeptics Forum

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