vendredi 5 mai 2017

Christian fundamentalists and Ouija Boards

I am curious, Christian fundamentalists believe that Ouija boards are being powered by devils, so what happens when you tell them about the ideometer effect? How do they react to the idea of an ideometer effect?

Also is it me or do they exaggerate the "occult" powers of said parker brothers toy? "moving the glass object with no hands on it"

here is a favourite I really enjoyed reading

"Let me tell you my personal ordeal with a Ouija board.

I was 23 years old.* (I know that was back in the Bronze Age, but divination hasn't changed.)* I was addicted to a Ouija board. I had people driving 100 miles to put their hands on the glass object, ask the board questions, and have it spell out answers. I was so good at it that*the glass object could move with no hands on it.
It made predictions and many of them came true. It instilled power in me that was stunning. The glass object that spelled out words would often spin around the board in a frenzy, and it was always talking about dark, evil things. All predictions were negative. It scared many participants. It has supernatural power, but since it is of the devil, not all predictions came true because the devil does not know the future.
When I asked the board where it got its power, it spelled S-A-T-A-N.*
One evening I put the board away and felt a presence in my apartment. I did not want to open my eyes because I knew I would see a demon. "

Jan Markell

via International Skeptics Forum

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