jeudi 19 janvier 2017

Robert Young's baking soda cancer treatment

(Apologies if this chap's been mentioned previously, but I did a quick search here and didn't see anything obvious.)

At least he's under investigation, pity the poor patients though.


One patient who believed he could cure her cancer, British Army officer Naima Houder-Mohammed, paid thousands of dollars for his alkaline treatment, which consisted mainly of intravenous infusions of baking soda.
And it's the old story:


"...I wasn't selling her anything… I didn't force her to come here, it was her decision."


All in all, Naima and her family paid Young more than $77,000 (£62,700) for the treatment.


We asked him if he felt remorse for what he had done. He said: "I don't have remorse because of the thousands if not millions of people that have been helped through the [alkaline diet] programme."
An older article, from 2014, giving more background on the guy:

via International Skeptics Forum

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