mercredi 25 janvier 2017

Gender-based stereotypes

Good day fellow forumites, potato-dixers and hello to the great unwashed masses of the lurkers too...

I post today in utter bewilderment and hope that someone can explain to me why this seems to frustrate me so much.

I avoid feminist debates because I don't care much for them. I think women are great and would prefer to leave it at that, rather than get involved in endless discussions about "privilege".

News24 is a South African news media site which carries a section called Women24 or W24 which is devoted to the fairer sex. Awesome I say - women get their own special space on the site to discuss and highlight women's issues, right? I mean, surely that's what that should be for?

Yet, day after day, the only headlines I see in this section are the most incredibly superficial, vapid headlines which appear to me to concentrate everything feminists have been saying about gender-stereotyping for years.

Image below for context. Please educate me: Is Women24 sexist or are women generally attracted to these stories and actually the answer is that gender-stereotypes by and large are accurate? I don't get it. Please help.

Sample of headlines:
Intermittent fasting: going 16 hours without eating can help you lose weight
The most popular plastic surgery procedures in SA
This is what Melania Trump will wear to the inauguration

Really? Women are only interested in fashion, celebrities, diets and sex? FFS people.

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