vendredi 27 janvier 2017

Claim that Trump did not indicate policies he will pursue II

Some two 2.5 months ago i asked, whether the claim 'that Trump did not sufficiently indicate his political intentions to have any idea, what he will do as president' can be filed under "complete nonsense", because he made clear what to expect.

Now after first week in office, can someone offer opinion whether Trump acts in any way one could not expect from his pro-election promises and statements for rechecking whether the claim was reasonable?

Checking what he has done in his first week against what he promised:

it seems he tries several things he promised; e.g.:
"Five actions to restore security
and the constitutional rule of law:

, cancel every unconstitutional executive action,
memorandum and order issued by President Obama.

, begin the process of selecting a replacement
for Justice Scalia from one of the 20 judges on my list,
who will uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

, cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities.

, begin removing the more than two million
criminal illegal immigrants from the country and cancel
visas to foreign countries that won’t take them back.

, suspend immigration from terror-prone regions
where vetting cannot safely occur. All vetting of people
coming into our country will be considered “extrem""

For Number 1, 4 and 5 first steps are already obvious. Number 2 is in the informal first stage (informal vetting of potential candidates)

Also from page 2 of this list of various "promises":
"Fully-funds the construction of a wall on our southern
border with the full understanding that the country of
Mexico will be reimbursing the United States for the full cost
of such wall;"

if i read the news correctly, the first decisions regarding the building of the wall are already underway and Mexico seems to be aware about Trump wanting Mexico to pay for the wall and already offered some suggestion what they think about that, which shows that at least Mexico expects Trump trying to keep that promise.

And i have not noticed a single issue Trump did, that was completely unexpected. His selection of secretaries and other staff decisions even include some people no one could accuse of being part of the Washington "swamp", e.g. that former BreitbartNews operative. That he still selected also a host of republican politicians for jobs was expectable, as he needs the republican majority to get anything done.

So it seems still correct to file claims that one did not know what to expect from Trump as "complete nonsense".

or was it more the issue that nobody could believe he realy meant in earnest his promises of for example building a wall or stopping immigration from certain muslim majority countries?

via International Skeptics Forum

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