mardi 31 janvier 2017

Populists winning in Europ; End of the EU?

So, the USA has officially started it's first year of the thousand-year Trumpenreich.

But what about us here in the EU?

This year will see the Netherlands and France voting, and populists are doing well in the polls.

Personally, I think that Wilders and Le Pen will do worse than projected, and will then be sidelined by a coalition (any coalition, no matter how uncomfortable).

But if, if they win, they have both promised Frexit and Nexit referenda. And France leaving the EU would probably kill the Euro.

And that will probably mean that I will be poor and jobless by 2018.

Is there any chance that Wilders, and more importantly, Le Pen could come to lead their respective nations? Or is this a political impossibility?

via International Skeptics Forum

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