lundi 30 janvier 2017

Mexico's Outrage . . .

I have observed that many people who oppose Trump's policies regarding the wall and the import tax (a matter which hits home for me) keep referring to the idea that Trump's actions will result in pissing off Mexico and the Mexican Nationals who come do all their shopping here. This will result in them not coming and spending their money here anymore and to initiate a trade war with us. These are usually people I know who are on the left side of the political spectrum.

What I don't understand is why these left-leaning people want to appease Mexico? Forget all the rhetoric about security and "America First." The truth is that Mexico is one of the most extreme examples of income inequality in the Americas. Those Mexican Nationals that come to buy the things they can't find in Mexico can only do so by exploiting the majority of Mexicans who live in poverty. The whole reason we have a problem with illegal immigration in the first place is that the people of Mexico are oppressed and exploited. Shouldn't we want the rich Mexicans to stay home and spread their wealth in their own country, even if it means we lose out on some of their spending?

I say if the Mexicans get angry and don't want to come here to spend as much money any more, that's a good thing for Mexico and by extension, the US. They will stay home and develop the infrastructure and economy to create/import the goods they want at home which will create jobs for the oppressed poor people of Mexico. In turn, those people won't need to flee across the border to us. Forcing Mexico to take care of Mexico could be the best thing to happen for all of us.

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