mardi 31 janvier 2017

Can TOBS Defeat Radical Islamic Terrorists?

TOBS is an acronym for my Theory of Body Signals, which I've posted on several other forums. Simply put, God communicates with us via "Body Signals" which manifest as itches, muscular twitches, pulses, pains and cramps on various parts of the body.

For instance, let's say I think an evil thought. As the thought runs through my mind, I get a muscular twitch on my left leg. Then I think a good thought and I get an itch on my right thigh.

With God's help over decades, I've managed to crack the code. Here are some of my findings:

Right side of the body symbolizes Good
Left side of the body symbolizes Evil

Legs = Thoughts
Arms = Actions

Right ear = God's Mercy
Left ear = God's Justice

Cheeks = "God didn't say that"
Nose = Choose

So let's say I'm a radical Muslim intent on blowing up a crowded marketplace. As I strap on a bomb underneath my clothing, I think of the great reward in paradise that Allah has waiting for me. Immediately my left cheek muscles start having a violent spasm, indicating that Allah didn't say that. I disregard my cheek spasm at first, but it keeps going until finally I scratch it.

Now if I knew the TOBS code, I would easily figure out that Allah doesn't justify terrorism or jihads. So I'm spreading the TOBS code in hopes that my Muslim friends around the world will be persuaded to truly submit to Allah and put a stop to jihads and terrorism. Once everyone knows TOBS and understands what it means, maybe we can finally have world peace, as people everywhere understand God's will.


via International Skeptics Forum

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