mardi 24 janvier 2017

President Trump: Part II


Originally Posted by newyorkguy (Post 11682808)
You keep implying Obama issued fewer EOs only in comparison to recent presidents or since WW2. But the list that was linked shows he issued the fewest of any president for the past 100+ years. I am a registered Democrat and the context here is, Obama has repeatedly been accused of using EOs in a way few presidents have. Almost to the point where it became dictatorial. That Obama was trying to usurp the powers of Congress through the use of EOs. If that was true I would be greatly concerned and very disappointed in Barack Obama. Only it's not true yet some people -- and I don't mean you -- go on making that accusation anyway.

I think it needs to be refuted and clearly refuted. Not in comparison only with recent presidents or since WWII but since the late 19th century. Many fewer than G.W. Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Johnson, Truman, FDR, Hoover, Coolidge, Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft. Fewer than any two term president since Ulysses Grant, 1869-1877. That's 140 years and I don't think that can be considered recent.

I never said anything about "recent" , that was The Don. All I said was Obama is in the middle of the pack historically. It wasn't intended as an insult.

At least you said "I don't mean you" because I never made the accusation you're referring to.

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