samedi 28 janvier 2017

Trump, Lüggenpresse and darn journalists

I'm starting this thread just to link/quote valuable press articles regarding Trump's era and commenting why we think they're valuable or precise.

The first one is:

NYT's Trump’s Impulses Now Carry the Force of the Presidency - by Peter Baker

No matter it's vox populi, I'm impressed with his accurate depiction:
  • «He sits in the White House at night, watching television or reading social media, and through Twitter issues instant judgments on what he sees. He channels fringe ideas and gives them as much weight as carefully researched reports.»
  • «He thrives on conflict and chaos
  • «... he now serves as commander in chief and his 140-character pronouncements carry the power of an Olympian lightning bolt.»
And the way he describes how all this interferes with the normal development of the presidential office.

via International Skeptics Forum

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