jeudi 26 janvier 2017

Happy New South Wales Day.

On this day in 1778, the first fleet arrived from England and landed on the east coast of "Terra Australis" at the site that would later be known as Sydney. This marked the beginning of the occupation of this land by the British.

This day is commemorated as "Australia Day" and is celebrated with fireworks every year. However, in more recent years, it has become a day marked by protests. Many are dubbing this "Invasion Day" to recognize the displacement of the Aboriginal population and the atrocities inflicted on them by the British settlers.

Some are calling for Australia Day to be celebrated on a different date. The problem is when? Strictly speaking, Australia didn't come into being until January 1, 1901. So the logical date should be January 1. The problem is that if we celebrated Australia Day on January 1 then there would be one less public holiday every year.

In spite of the controversies that flare up on Australia Day, we will likely celebrate the founding of the colony of New South Wales on January 26 for the foreseeable future.

via International Skeptics Forum

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