lundi 30 janvier 2017

Quack 'Clinical Trials' in Africa

This is something I've been following on and off for a while ever since Mark Crislip covered it in two episodes of QuackCast (Episodes 63 & 86, linked below), what is happening is that peddlers of Quack medicine are going to Africa and performing 'Clinical Trials' of whatever woo they happen to be pushing, frequently they have more money than the legitimate charitable groups trying to improve healthcare in Africa, and they peddle a message that finds receptive ears.

QuackCast - Episode 63: Without Borders

QuackCast - Episode 86: The Species in the Feces

Myles Power has been looking into a 'clinical trial' in Uganda where it appears that promoters of MMS conned the Ugandan Red Cross into providing support for this kind of fake medical research, which is purely designed to get marketing footage for their product. His investigation has been hampered by the fact that many of the participants have refused to reply to his emails. Linked below are his starting post and his most recent entry where he explains what he thinks happened based on the evidence he has.

Myles Power: The Email that Opened a Can of Worms

Myles Power: How a Video Manipulated You into Thinking MMS Can Cure Malaria

via International Skeptics Forum

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