mercredi 25 janvier 2017

A Better Health Care Plan

So this was a little odd.

Recently, I've been seeing this ad on tv promoting the new up-and-coming health care plan. It doesn't give details, but gives the url to to learn more.

So I went there.

It's main thing on that page is a big youtube of, you guessed it, the same commercial.

And underneath, the following optimistic text:


Our Congress is fighting for us: lowering costs, providing more control and more choices to pick a plan that meets our needs, not a plan that Washington mandates.
Besides that, nothing. Except a big friendly button you can press that declares I'm In, if you want to give your name and email address.

And at the bottom: Paid for by American Action Network, Inc. (A 501(c)(4) ‘action tank’)

A very odd commercial all in all. Looks like the Action Network's current 'plan' is just to get your info for fundraising.

via International Skeptics Forum

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