lundi 30 janvier 2017

The UK should stay in the EU

The UK should stay in the EU....warts (EU) and all. The EU is not perfect - far from it - but that does not mean it is good.

For its part, it about time for the EU to demand that the UK switch to the Euro and become fully integrated. Like I said, the EU is not perfect, but that does not mean it is good.

Otherwise, the UK will end up being a lick-spittle toady of the US of A. And if you think being a part of the EU is humiliating and economically disadvantageous...just wait until you see what the guys from Washington and New York got planned for ya'! By the time they are through with the UK, the UK will be nothing but a place of cheap labor for Amurica'!

Think about it. Do ya' really want to be making goods for Wal-Mart?

via International Skeptics Forum

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