mercredi 25 janvier 2017

Free audiobooks?

I run quite a lot and I've exhausted all the music in the whole world and am finding it hard to find new stuff. I'm also getting quite bored of Doctor Who audio dramas. So I'm looking for suggestions of other audio works that I can listen to, and which won't cost me a fortune.

Since I've not read as many classic books as I ought to I've just started in on the Sherlock Holmes canon (somewhat ironically starting off with one of the ones I have read), which I got from, which has led me to

Does anyone else know of any good sources of free audio books? I'm sure it'll mostly be restricted to classic books, as they're more likely to be in the public domain than more modern works (although there may be some modern works, I'm sure). I'm more looking for suggestions of archives which have a selection of free works (and they don't have to be restricted to books - plays, etc. can be good, too), but if there are any suggestions of individual works I can get from somewhere that would be appreciated, too.

The only thing I'm not really interested in is stuff like the first chapter of something free as an enticement to buy the rest of the book. A first chapter wouldn't last the length of a run (I did all three parts of "A Scandal In Bohemia" and most of the first part of the next story today), and if I were to spend money on a work I'd be much more likely to get the ebook version as I'm starting to get into a position where my "upcoming books to read" pile is getting a little small.

Oh, and as I want to practice my German, simple German-language stuff is a good idea. I've listened to the German language version of Harry Potter and enjoyed that although, again, at the moment I'd rather find things which are free than things I need to pay for.

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