samedi 26 mai 2018

Strange problem with images.

I am getting this very strange bug that causes random corruption of images.

I scanned some slides, and when I went to crop them, they got corrupted without even being saved to disk. Here are three samples

Original uncropped scan of slide.

Corrupted image when cropped.

Uncorrupted image cropped on another computer.

Now originally, I thought this was a problem with Adobe Photoshop, but it is also happening in ACDSee, Lightroom and IrfanView.

Here are a couple of other things I have noticed

1. I open an image and it is corrupted immediately. I close it without saving, and open it again, and its OK.

2. I open an image on Photoshop, and it looks fine. I use CTRL+ to zoom in and it corrupts right there on the screen. I zoom out using CTRL- and the corruption disappears. I zoom in again, and sometime the exact same corruption appears, sometimes is a different looking corruption and sometimes there is no apparent corruption at all. Whatever corruption is there, if I save the image at that point, the corruption is saved and I cannot get the uncorrupted image back.

I have three physical HDDs on the computer, and it happens when loading from all of them, or from a USB Stick. It even happens with images loaded across the network from a different computer.

The fact that these corruptions happen even when no HDD is involved leads me to believe I might have a faulty stick of RAM, but hardware bugs are not my strong-suit, so I'd like to run it past some of you computer experts and see what you think.

I don't believe this is likely to be an on board would be a graphics memory problem because its my understanding that this kind of problem would not be saved to the image, the graphics only drives the display (am I right?).

FYI, my system is has an ASUS B150M-A micro-ATX (mATX) motherboard with Intel B150 chipset, and single 4GB stick of DDR4 RAM. It is running Win10 Home with latest update.

The other computer that the good uncorrupted image was processed on has an identical set up.


PS: Here are some more examples at higher resolution.

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