mercredi 9 mai 2018

Phone Call Etiquette

I have a situation where I am leaving my current position on good terms but my old boss whose position I took 4 years ago when she retired called me and offered to take me to lunch. She left a phone message so I couldn't answer. I am actually tempted to blow her off. She can be a very odious person and spent most of my time fixing the problems she created. After retiring, she tried to run somethings remotely and pissed her off when I told her I wouldn't do what she wanted. If I call her back I will either have to be blunt and tell her I can't talk anymore or make some kind of excuse because she will try to pump me for information about the organization. (I am the head of a non-profit). I will not use her for a reference.

My wife says to blow her off but it does feel rude and passive aggressive. However, if I am not firm she can eat a lot of my time and cause a lot of unnecessary stress.

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