vendredi 18 mai 2018

Spending A $10 Bill While Black

A homeless black guy used a $10 Bill at Burger King in Boston in 2015. He got arrested and spent over 3 months in jail because they thought that the bill was counterfeit. It wasn't. Now he's suing and arguing that it never would have happened if he was white.


Originally Posted by The Washington Post
...This week, Emory Ellis, 37, sued Burger King and the store franchisee for nearly $1 million, saying he was discriminated against for being black and homeless. The lawsuit comes amid a resurgence in a national debate about the treatment of black people in businesses and public spaces. From the two men who left a Philadelphia Starbucks in handcuffs, to five women reported to the police for golfing too slowly, to the graduate student who fell asleep in her dorm’s common room, the stories have refocused public attention on the risks and daily struggles of simply living while black.

“I know that had I walked into the Burger King with the exact same $10 bill, nobody would have scrutinized it,” said Ellis’s attorney, Justin Drechsler. “I never would have been accused of anything. I certainly wouldn’t have had the police called on me, no matter what the series of events.”

Drechsler said he is the same age, to the day, as Ellis — but Drechsler is white. Given his appearance alone, Drechsler said he believes that had the Burger King employee doubted whether his cash was authentic, the employee would have politely asked whether Drechsler could pay with something else.

“That’s not what happened here,” Drechsler said. He said Ellis could not comment for this article because of ongoing litigation...

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