mardi 29 mai 2018

Stuff Won't Upload on LinkedIn

Much to my social media-hating dismay, I have to make a LinkedIn profile for my business writing class. Extra credit is offered for uploading writing samples, PowerPoints, photographs (besides the profile pic), etc. I barely have an A in this class, so I need the extra credit.

Anyway, I made the profile and it's all fine. I uploaded two writing samples I had on my laptop. No problems. I went to bed. Today, I dug through some old hard drives and found photos from my last job, a letter of endorsement, and two suitable PowerPoint presentations. Logged in, and LinkedIn won't let me upload ANY of them. When I click on the Upload option, just... nothing happens. I tried about a million times.

In the case of the photos, I get that they might need resizing. So I'll deal with that. But the interface won't take a PowerPoint either. It won't even take the tiny little letter of endorsement, which is a 1-page Word document.

To experiment, I removed one of the two (long) writing samples I'd posted and tried uploading a PowerPoint again. Still nothing. I switched browsers. Nothing. Finally, I tried to re-upload the writing sample I'd removed. Now it won't take that either.

Does anyone know WTF?

via International Skeptics Forum

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