jeudi 3 mai 2018

Communicating with your Congressperson.

Anyone here ever try to communicate with their representatives in local, state or federal governments? Over the last 15 years or so I've found that local and state level politicians are much more approachable and likely to actually respond to e-mails or letters seeing as how they have far fewer people who want a piece of their time.

Those in Congress on the other hand are virtually unreachable for a person like me who is not an actual lobbyist or a person with some tangible influence or power.

I write letters/e-mails to my reps in state and federal governments on a regular basis. The response I get from those in Congress take several forms.

1. They ignore me.
2. I get a form letter type of reply saying they got my letter but cannot reply.
3. I get a form letter type of reply that seems designed to not offend (or to offend) anyone who reads it and supports both sides of the issue I wrote about.
4. I get a form letter type of reply that says to expect a response soon.

#1 and 3 are the most common. #4 is the most irritating to get from a member of Congress. When I get them I know it's very unlikely they will actually follow up.

My latest request for info is related to this post.

I wanted to know more about Kilmer's position that little or no due process was acceptable when curtailing a civil right. I got a #4 in response to my e-mail. I had also sent a letter via the post office and left voice messages at his local offices in Bremerton and Tacoma. This afternoon I was able to actually talk to a member of his staff on the phone who again promised an answer to my questions after waiting nearly a month.

So yeah, not holding my breath. :)


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