mardi 8 mai 2018

Arrested for driving whilst Canadian (and speeding) in Georgia...

CBC: Ontario woman arrested, jailed in U.S. for driving with a Canadian licence

"An Ontario woman is looking for an apology from the Georgia police officer who arrested, handcuffed and charged her because she was driving with a Canadian licence.

"It was the most horrendous incident of my life," said Emily Nield. "It was mortifying. I was terrified the entire time."

About a month ago, the 27-year-old was driving through Georgia to Tennessee, where she had just completed a master's degree in geology. Nield's route took her along the I-75, which is often used by Canadians making the trek to and from Florida.

That's where she was pulled over for speeding, and the officer asked to see her licence. Nield handed over her Ontario driver's licence, but wasn't prepared for the officer's reaction.

"She kept saying, 'No, Canadian licences are not accepted,'" said Nield. "I was flabbergasted. I just kept saying this can't be right — a Canadian licence is always valid."

Nield told CBC Toronto she was then asked to prove she was Canadian and although she had copies of her passport, Nexus card, and birth certificate on her phone, the officer wanted to see an original hard copy."

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