lundi 14 mai 2018

Ford: Ending Production on Most Sedans

So, it looks like Ford is making a major change to its vehicle lineup.... Dropping most of its sedans in favor of Trucks, SUVs and similar vehicles.

plans to cut its North American passenger car lineup by more than 80 percent, eliminating the Taurus, Fiesta, Fusion, C-Max and Focus sedans within a few years. Only the Mustang and a crossover version of the Focus will survive the cuts....The company plans for nearly 90 percent of its vehicles sold in 2020 to be a truck, SUV or commercial vehicle.

Now, they're not the only ones... Chrysler and GM have out some of the smaller cars from their product lines, but Ford seems to have the most extreme plans.

On one hand, it is understandable... people are just buying more SUVs/Trucks these days, and profit margins are higher on the larger vehicles. On the other hand, I'm really thinking this might really be a problem in the future. It reminds me of the time around the start of the recession, when the North American car companies had significant problems, and part of it was because they put so much effort into producing their large vehicles that they couldn't handle it when people at the time decided to switch to smaller cars.

Plus, there are 2 major problems that may greatly change the markets that should happen in the next few years (both of which can be traced back to a racist orangutan who happened to be made president thanks in part ot the Russians):
- Trump's cancelling of the Iran deal may cause oil prices to rise
- Trump had lowered emission/fuel economy standards, but in 2020 he is likely to lose the white house, and the Democrats will probably restore standards (if not make the more stringent)

via International Skeptics Forum

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