vendredi 3 novembre 2017

Democrats express outrage over allegations of early party control for Clinton in 2016


Donna Brazile, a former interim chairwoman of the party, says in a forthcoming book that an August 2015 agreement gave the Clinton campaign a measure of direct influence over the party’s finances and strategy, along with a say over staff decisions and consultation rights over issues like mailings, budgets and analytics.
We all certainly remember that Sanders' supporters claimed the DNC had the thumb on the scale for Hillary. Now it seems that the thumb was Hillary's.

It would be fair to say at this point that the 2016 Democratic Primary was flat out rigged:


Ray Buckley, the chairman of New Hampshire’s Democratic Party, said that he first learned of the agreement while serving as DNC vice chair in 2016. “The day that Donna discovered this, she called me and I almost passed out,” Buckley said. “We were blatantly misled.”

via International Skeptics Forum

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