jeudi 30 novembre 2017

Harassment Tsunami

It appears that a long pent up tsunami of harassment allegations have started to land and that this is only the beginning. After being ignored and dismissed for pretty much all of recorded history, such allegations are finally being taken seriously with serious repercussions. Will society go too far the other way? With something as serious as harassment finally comes to the forefront, will the reaction be 'zero tolerance'. Will accusations be enough?

I've reflected on my own career and wondered if I could be accused. I'm a male in my mid-50's and have worked mostly in technical companies where there haven't been many females. I can think of a few times where I lusted in my heart about some of my female co-workers.

If I had been a little more brazen I might have attempted something with a subordinate more than once (see below). Looking back if I had done something and I was not resisted I would have thought the feeling was mutual, not because the subordinate was afraid of me. I've never been a vindictive boss, never one to hold a grudge and never have I attempted to exact retribution for wrongs real or imagined.

However, given what has been publicized lately, I'm not sure.

My 'cool story bro':

I can think of one time when I did try to 'put a move on' a co-worker who worked under me. I was on the company softball team and a lot of co-workers came to our games and we would go out to a bar afterward. This one time I had been celebrating and started chatting with a female co-worker who indirectly worked for me, she reported to one of my reports. We talked and drank for a long time. Closing time, I walked her to her car. Long story short, I hinted (not very subtly) at going to her place and she just kind of tried to change the subject until finally I got the hint. I guess the difference between me and the Matt Lauers of the world is that that was the end of it for me. No kiss, no nothing, I never touched her. We just said good night. By the way, I am married and was married at the time. That's about the closest I've ever come to cheating.

If I was public figure, she could come forward now and tell the truth: "he was married and he tried to get me into bed and I wasn't sure how to get out of it" and possibly "I was afraid of him" and given today's environment, I could face repercussions because companies will adopt a 'no tolerance' policy in response to the new environment.

While I think the re-balancing of the scales is long overdue, I hope it doesn't go too far the other way, though I can see that happening.

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