lundi 27 novembre 2017

Women can sexually abuse women too...


Now, a former female soccer player from Southern Sweden chooses to tell for the first time how she has been exposed to sexual comments by fellow and opponent as a young player, how at one point she was sexually exploited by a well-known opponent and that she should also have been drugged and raped by a teammate.

It started when Emma got up into the club's A team. She says that she already knew that she liked women and it was a little exciting to spend time with adult women who were open to knowing that. Emma tells her that she heard comments like "nice ass" from some teammates in the dressing room and noticed how some players looked at her in a sexual manner. At team parties, older players offered alcohol so she became really inebriated and pushed their bodies against her. At one point some teammates kissed her on her throat.
"It was something I appreciated when I felt I was not really part of the group, but now I realize how strange and sick it was," Emma explains.
- Afterwards, I realized that some of the players were quite actively trying to make me feel like i wasn't part of the group so that they could make use of me to do things to "be allowed" to join them. I do not know otherwise why you should bully a young player.

In damallsvenskan, Emma's football dream evolved into a nightmare when the sexual harassment became all the more widespread.
She tells a match that she had six afterwards with a well-known opponent.
- She took me on my ass during a match when it was corner and said "You're mine after the match". Then she stood waiting for me after I had showered. Without anyone actually reacting to it, I followed her into a changing room and we had sex. I just think I was so shocked. After all, she has been an idol for me because she has been so good for so long. At the same time, you felt a little chosen.

Since the merited player was waiting for Emma after the match, she felt partially forced to go with sex. Afterwards, Emma wonders why no one else in the vicinity or someone in her own team reacted or even asked how she felt afterwards.
"The only logical explanation is that it was so common that there was no question asked.

Is it lesbians and bisexual women's turn to face the same kind of public scrutiny that gay and bisexual men have faced? Something must be done!

via International Skeptics Forum

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