jeudi 30 novembre 2017

Advice on Samsung Tab A

Several years ago I bought a rather inexpensive tablet, in order to find out whether I would use one and how. I bought one with a 10.1" screen, after experimenting in a store with that size and the smaller screens. The model I got came with a cover that had a Bluetooth keyboard built into it.

I discovered that the tablet worked just fine for both those purposes and for others as I got more apps, and it became even more useful after I started using the Overdrive app to read e-books from the public library.

Now the screen has become either unresponsive or too responsive, the zoom feature is not stable, the keyboard doesn't want to charge, and the cover is becoming worn. I am looking for a new tablet.

The Samsung Tab A is available through Best Buy for about $280 and through Costco for about $270.

Does anyone have any advice, feedback, opinion, experience with this specific model of tablet? I would not be buying a keyboard for it; I have found that if I am going to use it to type more than a few lines, it's better to plug in a full-size USB keyboard.

ETA, since my cataract surgery, I find that I need a higher-resolution screen than previously, and also that the screen brightness needs to be pretty high.

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