dimanche 26 novembre 2017

Normalizing ignorance, self-deception & failure

We often ask how freeman/sovcit sub-culture can make any sense.

Many recognize that "the movement"is on it's last legs. See this quote from Burnaby49 over on Quatloos:


The freeman movement is almost totally dead. There are no current leaders of consequence.
To the rational the of failures of the freeman gun class (Menard, Clifford, Lentz, Belanger) are proof of a seriously misguided thought process. Indeed, we see these folks as crazy. But to the freeman/sovcit culture the failures are proof of a vast governmental conspiracy to reject what the gurus float as the true law.

Since the freeman/sovcit culture sees these failure as successes, the subculture’s gurus who get poleaxed in court are seen as leaders of the delusional clan. All these “leaders” have to do to gain the awe of the subculture is to declare that they somehow took the court to task for following the law (or not following the law as they see it)

To the reasonable among us this makes no sense. But in the arse backwards world of the freeman/sovcit the fantasy of thumbing your nose at the man as he puts you in jail is the only tit the rank and file have to suck on.

If you listen to the web radio interviews, recorded lectures and Youtubes of the freeman/sovcit guru class you’ll hear them bragging about being such "successful" failures since childhood.

How can this be, you ask. It's simple. . .it’s a subculture that normalizes ignorance, self-deception and failure.

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