lundi 27 novembre 2017

Windows Media Player for Windows 10

I don't like Windows 10. I don't have a good reason - I just don't like change (I'm tech illiterate), don't like every freaking thing connected to the internet, and am plainly very happy with Windows 7. However, my laptop running Windows 7 has finally succumbed to whatever the hell was wrong with it. Luckily, I had all my important files neatly backed up on an external drive.

Trouble is, until I can either get a new laptop or fix the one I've got, I have to use a shared desktop computer which runs Windows 10. I'm adapting fine EXCEPT for when it comes to my music library. Windows Media Player does not seem to be installed on the machine. The app which is there (Groove music) is unacceptable to me. I'm VERY anal about the layout of my music library, and the view in Windows Media Player has always been perfect. The Groove layout options offer nothing I want. It's simply no good. (Why must Microsoft always fix what isn't broken?)

So a bit of googling showed me that there is a Windows Media Player which runs on Windows 10 - it is called WMP 12. It promises a bunch of new features - that's what worries me. For example, I don't like when media programs automatically download and update tags for content, because I meticulously go into the file data and tag them myself the way I want them tagged before I add them to the library. (I do this using Mp3Tag, a lovely program which never changes significantly.) And I don't want a different layout, as I've already stressed.

So now that I have explained my craziness, my question is twofold: Is WMP 12 basically similar to previous incarnations of WMP? And what IS the oldest version of WMP that will run on Windows 10 without serious bugging, because I probably just want that. I always prefer to stick with what I'm used to!

Thanks for any guidance. I hope my explanation makes sense.

ETA - The reason I'm asking instead of just downloading the program and trying it out is because I'm dealing with a shared desktop computer. So I don't want to be installing and uninstalling crap more than necessary. It's not my computer.

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