jeudi 30 novembre 2017

Garrison Keillor fired for inappropriate behavior

Minnesota Public Radio Fires Garrison Keillor for Alleged Inappropriate Behavior


Mr. Keillor retired from the music-and-variety show last year after creating it and hosting since 1974, and Chris Thile replaced him as host. Minnesota Public Radio said Wednesday it plans to change the name of Mr. Thile’s show and has ended its contracts with Mr. Keillor, who still hosted “The Writer’s Almanac,” a daily poetry and writing feature. The station will also end its rebroadcasts of old episodes of “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Minnesota Public Radio said it notified its board immediately after learning of the allegations and retained a law firm to conduct an independent investigation.
Fire the accused...and then do an investigation to find out what happened.

Right, I feel vindicated that about a year ago I decided I'd had enough. I limit interactions with people, remain several feet away at all times, stare at the floor, and all statements more than 4 or 5 words long only happen through emails after running it past my lawyer first.

via International Skeptics Forum

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