vendredi 3 novembre 2017

6 Miami firemen sacked for conduct unbecoming


Six Miami firefighters have been fired after an investigation found they hung a noose on a black colleague's family photo.

Photos of the firefighter's children and mother were also defaced with lewd doodles in the 9 September incident.

I suppose my first question is, was this directed at their colleague specifically because of some dispute or was it directed at black people in general ? There's no "good" answer to that question because even if that colleague really was a despicable individual, this seems to be a particularly cowardly and racist way to address it and if it's a more general thing then how can people like that function in as diverse a location as Miami ?

I suppose there will be some out there (and perhaps on this board) who will accuse the colleague of being far too easily "triggered" by some workplace banter and suggest that they need to toughen up a bit if they're going to thrive in the current day US. I take the opposite view, being fired is the least that these racist idiots deserve and if I were in a position to be able to influence decisions whether to prosecute, I'd be looking very carefully at whether this constitutes a credible threat.

It seems however that this was not an isolated incident....


In the nearby city of Pompano Beach, Florida, four firefighter recruits were dismissed in August following a similar incident, in which a noose was hung over the desk of a black recruit.

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