mercredi 12 juillet 2017

"EPO doesn't enhance athletic performance". Please critique this new study.

I can't find the study itself, which is published in the Lancet, but here is one paper's summary of it,, and here is a fuller description of the study. There have been 5 or 6 previous studies which have come to different conclusions.

They raise the intriguing possibility that Lance Armstrong's drug of choice may have given him no benefit, other than psychological.


In the first study of its kind, scientists challenged a group of 48 cyclists to tackle a series of challenges, including the infamous Mont Ventoux ascent, which often forms part of the Tour.

Half had been given eight weekly injections of EPO, a drug that promotes red blood cell production with the aim of increasing delivery of oxygen to the muscles, while the other half took a dummy.

But after the gruelling 21.5km climb - which was preceded by a 110km cycle for good measure - the average results of the two groups showed no difference whatsoever.

For well-trained non-professional cyclists, the performance enhancing drug rHuEPO (recombinant human erythropoietin) appears to have a small effect on high intensity laboratory cycling tests, but the performance enhancing effects were mostly undetectable in a laboratory time trial test and an endurance road-race up Mont Ventoux (France), according to a new study.

via International Skeptics Forum

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